Laura, Brad and The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation; Love in the face of Cancer.

Every couple deserves their perfect wedding day, but not every couple has the time or resources to make it happen. The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation is a fantastic organisation that does everything they can to help those in need share a beautiful wedding day. Founded in 2012, they work tirelessly to organise and fund weddings for people living with terminal illnesses and life limiting conditions. 

When I learned that the foundation has no government funding, and accepts public donations and offers of services from wedding professionals, I was keen to do what I could to help the organisation and the couples they support.


Thanks to TWWWF, I was lucky enough to meet the amazing Laura. After being diagnosed with Primary HER2+ and Estrogen and Breast Cancer aged 25, Laura went through months of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, losing her hair, as well as undergoing a mastectomy, Herceptin injections and hormonal treatment. Despite 18 months of being in remission, the cancer returned, and Laura received the news that it was classified as incurable; stage 4.


Her fantastic partner, Brad, proposed on August 1st 2018, and a week later they had begun organising the wedding. It wasn’t until the next month that they heard about TWWWF and got in touch. They’d already organised a fair few aspects of their wedding, but still had plenty to put in place. One of those things was a hairstylist.


In Laura’s words; “The foundation offered us several choices of hairstylist, and looking through each person’s website, I whittled them down to a couple that I liked the style of and we went from there. 


For my wedding hair, I knew I wanted it up and to the side, but soft. Because my hair is still fairly short, I decided to use clip in hair extensions to add length and fullness to my up-do. I wanted something soft, not too formal, and fun. Kim did an amazing job at creating my wedding hair, which looked incredible.


The wedding day was totally amazing. It certainly was the best day of our lives, and everything was just so perfect. All the attention to detail, the atmosphere and the fact that I felt like a total princess all day was just awesome.” 


As you can see from the photos, the gorgeous couple and their family and friends really had a fantastic day.

If you or someone you know could either offer their services or a donation to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, or are in a position to be helped by TWWWF themselves, you can find out more on their website.


Please visit: for more information

All photos taken by James Rouse ( )